For many churches, Christmas is one of the highest attended services of the year and a great opportunity to share the Gospel. But, it can also be one of the most stressful seasons on the church calendar. 
We've created a proven tool that will help your church get ready for Christmas. 
Discover ideas and best practices for equipping your members to invite their friends
Find valuable checklists for your design, print and digital assets
Stay on track with the Top 5 Christmas related deadlines
Get Pro Tips that will help your members, team and volunteers

"This tool represents a wealth of knowledge for promoting Christmas! Take what I've learned as a pastor for more than 20 years and put it to use!"

Paul Fleming, President of
In 2005, Paul launched a church in Portland - with the highest attended launch service in their denomination's history. Then, he went on to lead the communications team at one of the largest churches in America - with Christmas attendances exceeding 30,000 people at multiple campuses.
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